Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yeah --- Top Sales !!!!!

So I was at a shoebox swap tonight and Ashley delivered me this way cute pail basket full of Stampin Up goodies. And I just love the vinyal lettering. I haven't paid too much attention to it until this convention and I can't wait to try it myself. Anyway the reason for the surprise gift basket is that I was number one in sales this year for her team :) WooHoo - Yay for me. Okay so I may be her recruit that has been under her the longest so the odds were in my favor :) But the real kudos goes to Ashley for her performance this year. She earned the incentive trip to Hawaii this next year and even more exciting - she in in Stampin Up Founders Club this upcoming year and gets to take a trip with Shelly and got this really great pink bag and she was Stampin Ups #10 Rising Star this year. Way to go Ashley for your Rockin Year!!! Now let's get stamping so we can fullful our new wish list...


Ashley said... sweet!!! :) You're so nice! :) And YOU DESERVE way more than that pail!!! Thank you for all your hard work! :) And yes...we need to get going on some stamping. I just added up my PARTIAL wish list!!!! :) Uh oh...I'm in trouble!!!

Megan said...

Yeah! Congrats...that is so awesome! :) It was so fun to get to know you more at convention! :)