Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Build A Bear

Okay - I must admit that when I first saw that Stampin Up was teaming up with Build A Bear - I was not excited and had no intention of buying any of the items. After all - I did not have kids and I didn't think I would really use the stuff. So I did not pre-order any of it.

Then I went to convention...

How cute is this :) It is magnetic paper dolls. What a great idea. And then I started thinking of my niece Izabella. She is 2 and would probably tear these apart but in another couple of months she would probably love to play with the. And who knows - she may surprise me and not tear them up now :) And then there is Emma who is a year and a half and would soon probably enjoy these. So now I have Christmas on the mind for my nieces.

And then here a cute little gift bag that uses the bear embosslet.

I loved the totes so much that I had to go out and get some. Again thinking of Izabella, Emma, Abby and Jayson.
I loved the idea of the little tote and then stamping images so they could color them and putting them in the bag with crayons. Too cute!

And then these cute little Build A Bear cards. How cute to have on had for when you have an occasion for a child.
And then a couple more cute cute gift bags. Love them!!!

So I did the only thing I could do - I went home from convention and ordered the Build A Bear stuff. Still haven't touched them but I have some plans for them - thanks to convention!

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